Brian Ernst - Gameplay Engineer

Brian has worked on many social and multiplayer games over the years, combining his longtime passions for technology and connecting with others. His favorite credits include the likes of Black Ops 4, where he fixed script server communications and improved ways for players to dominate or counter each other, and Star Citizen, where he set the bar for zero gravity, first-person combat. Brian most appreciates the challenges brought to development by multiplayer—including massive multiplayer—games.

When time allows, Brian enjoys autocross driving in his beloved Miata. He also loves to dissect games, movies, and television in order to find their hidden gems. Day-to-day, Brian often questions the design and practicality of things around him. He's on a constant mission to upgrade his skills and unlock the quest to happiness.

Brian joins Singularity 6 because he wants to change the current state of social gaming in order to make it fast and simple for players to jump into another world to relax together.