Aaron Farr - Engineering Management

It's hard to say which love came first: games or coding. Back in the 80's, a young Aaron was disappointed to discover the Dungeons & Dragons Basic set was in fact a pen & pencil tabletop game and not BASIC source code for a video game. Making the best of the situation, he's been a DM ever since.

Aaron's tech career is rooted in open source contributions, including serving as Treasurer and Director on the board for the Apache Software Foundation. After launching startups in North America and China, Aaron joined Riot Games to lead engineering teams developing everything from League of Legend's server cloud platform to new game R&D.

For Aaron, Singularity 6 offers another exciting journey, forging new worlds and new teams! And when he's not exploring the Milky Way in his own VR cockpit, Aaron explores the wonders of the real world with his wife and two children.