Olivia Frias - Senior Narrative Designer

Olivia has always loved to spend time deeply immersed in fantasy worlds, whether that meant being in multiple active DnD campaigns or having a claim as the ultimate Game of Thrones hipster (She LARPed as Sansa Stark before it was cool!). She couldn’t be more thrilled that her career choice as a narrative designer has given her the opportunity to create that experience for others.

Before coming to Singularity 6, Olivia worked with industry heavy hitters such as Sony, Glu Mobile, and Disney Games. She helped create characters as different as a twerking shrimp tempura for Katy Perry Pop! and a Sith Holocron for Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. The games she’s worked on have helped players revisit their favorite worlds, whether that be the shores of the Carribean or a galaxy far, far away.

Now, she can’t wait to create new ones.