Chong Yan - Platform & Services Engineer

Chong's first games industry job was at Gaikai, the game streaming service which later became Sony's PlayStation Now. After leaving Gaikai, he worked for Riot Games, working on backend technology that powered League of Legends' global game servers.

When he's not working with backend tech systems or cloud services, Chong loves to kick back with 4X games like Civilization and X-Com. He's also a fan of science fiction works from Asimov and Heinlein.

Chong joined Singularity 6 because he wants to make games that show kids that the world is not zero-sum.



Carl Larsson - Senior Software Engineer

Carl Larsson is no stranger to startup life. After earning a degree in computer science at UC Berkeley, he became employee #1 at JustAnswer. Later, he was engineer #3 at Mixamo, an online animation startup that was later acquired by Adobe.

From there, it was on to a mobile gaming startup that got acquired by Zynga, and then to his own mobile gaming company, Tricky Token, which successfully launched a mobile strategy game.

In his new role here at Singularity 6, Carl is leveraging his startup veteran skills to bring our first game to life.


MEET THE SIXERS: Leo Ogawa Lillrank

Leo Ogawa Lillrank - 3D Artist

Leo is Singularity 6’s resident 3D artist. A big fan of games like Zelda and Okami, Leo studied animation and 3D art at CalArts. He has worked on bigger budget PlayStation games, as well as smaller indie and mobile games.

He’s worked in film, anime, and VFX in places as far-flung as Japan, Sweden, and the US. His deepest love is for the games industry though, at Singularity 6, he’s putting his skills to work to bring beautiful 3D art all the way through the art pipeline to the game engine.



MEET THE SIXERS: Jeremy Fenske

Jeremy Fenske - Senior Concept Artist

Jeremy has been painting and drawing ever since he could walk. He studied traditional painting and drawing, and fed a talent for digital art by watching Gnomon DVDs.

For the better part of a decade, Jeremy has taught digital painting and concept art classes. When he’s not working directly with students, he loves live streaming his art process on Twitch and creating youtube videos to help aspiring artists.

He landed his first games industry job in 2009 as a concept artist for The Elder Scrolls Online. After working on Destiny 2 for three years, Jeremy decided it was time to leave big studios behind and help start something new with Singularity 6.

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MEET THE SIXERS: Anthony Leung

Anthony Leung - Executive Producer & Co-Founder

For Anthony, games have always been a way to build relationships. As a kid, he played Apple IIe games like Lode Runner and BurgerTime with his sister and twin brother.

Over the years, his tastes evolved from competitive online shooters, to RTSes, and finally to MMOs. In Ultimate Online, he found his most important gaming experiences. The virtual friendships forged here were just as deep and meaningful as his real-life ones.

Now, with experience as Development Director of League of Legends, Anthony has co-founded Singularity 6 with the goal of bringing the magic of virtual communities to a larger audience.


MEET THE SIXERS: Aidan Karabaich

Aidan Karabaich - Game Director & Co-Founder

Aidan first developed his passion for gaming by playing Atari 2600 and NES games with his grandmother. Her exceptional skill at games like Pacman, and later Super Mario, drove Aidan to practice until he could match her skill.

MMORPGs like Everquest had a huge impact on Aidan, and as a professional game designer he spent many of his formative years working on games in the genre, including Wildstar and Copernicus. More recently, he worked as a design lead in the R&D department at Riot Games, stewing up prototypes for exciting new game concepts.

Today, Aidan is excited to forge a new path at Singularity 6.


Our Vision


After spending a large part of the year formalizing our vision and building a stellar team of industry vets from Riot, Zynga and Activision Blizzard, we're finally ready to share our ideas. We formally announced the company today, which you can read about in the following stories:


Studio Hopes to Deliver Church-Like Sense of Community to Video Games

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

Singularity 6 Team



We are Singularity 6. We’re a game development team based in Los Angeles, dedicated to the idea that online games can deliver deeper, more meaningful experiences. 

With our first project, we’re exploring new styles of game design and tackling difficult technical problems to create a game that’s beautiful and intricate, delivering far more than superficial entertainment or basic wish fulfillment, an experience that becomes a meaningful part of your life. Our vision is to create a compelling virtual universe filled with rich and diverse gameplay experiences and social interactions that will keep you playing for years, evolving along with you and the rest of the community.. We want our players to feel valued as well as a true sense of belonging. 

Sounds ambitious? We think so, too. If you’re interested in the challenge of building a new genre, in making rewarding interactive & community experiences filled with amazing art and world class technology to support this living world, join us on the journey.


Aidan Karabaich

Game Director & Co-Founder


Anthony Leung

Executive Producer & Co-Founder