MEET THE SIXERS: Jamie Capsolas

Jamie Capsolas - Senior Animator

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” For Jamie, that love is animation!! “Breathing life into something and having the ability to create the illusion that what you are seeing is real, alive and thinking is simply magical.”

After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design, Jamie went on to work for Sony, Disney, Motiga and ArenaNet where he was part of the teams that created such games as Disney Infinity, Gigantic & Guild Wars II. When Jamie is not animating he is spending time with his wife and 3 children in sunny southern California.

For Jamie, Singularity 6 offers a unique opportunity to join forces with an extraordinary team, to forge a new path and create exciting new worlds as we bring our first game to life.


MEET THE SIXERS: Alexandra Frantseva

Alexandra Frantseva - Concept Artist

Alex was introduced to the gaming world at 6 years old through her Dad's love for the first Diablo, since then it was all about fantasy games with immersive worlds and rich lore. She always enjoyed making up her own characters with their stories and imagined how they would fit into those worlds, which combined with her passion for drawing led to working as a freelance character designer for games of various genres.

As an artist, Alex was hugely influenced by the work of animation studios like Ghibli and aims to bring more of that aesthetic to the gaming experience.




Brian Ernst - Gameplay Engineer

Brian has worked on many social and multiplayer games over the years, combining his longtime passions for technology and connecting with others. His favorite credits include the likes of Black Ops 4, where he fixed script server communications and improved ways for players to dominate or counter each other, and Star Citizen, where he set the bar for zero gravity, first-person combat. Brian most appreciates the challenges brought to development by multiplayer—including massive multiplayer—games.

When time allows, Brian enjoys autocross driving in his beloved Miata. He also loves to dissect games, movies, and television in order to find their hidden gems. Day-to-day, Brian often questions the design and practicality of things around him. He's on a constant mission to upgrade his skills and unlock the quest to happiness.

Brian joins Singularity 6 because he wants to change the current state of social gaming in order to make it fast and simple for players to jump into another world to relax together.



Aaron Farr - Engineering Management

It's hard to say which love came first: games or coding. Back in the 80's, a young Aaron was disappointed to discover the Dungeons & Dragons Basic set was in fact a pen & pencil tabletop game and not BASIC source code for a video game. Making the best of the situation, he's been a DM ever since.

Aaron's tech career is rooted in open source contributions, including serving as Treasurer and Director on the board for the Apache Software Foundation. After launching startups in North America and China, Aaron joined Riot Games to lead engineering teams developing everything from League of Legend's server cloud platform to new game R&D.

For Aaron, Singularity 6 offers another exciting journey, forging new worlds and new teams! And when he's not exploring the Milky Way in his own VR cockpit, Aaron explores the wonders of the real world with his wife and two children.



Chong Yan - Platform & Services Engineer

Chong's first games industry job was at Gaikai, the game streaming service which later became Sony's PlayStation Now. After leaving Gaikai, he worked for Riot Games, working on backend technology that powered League of Legends' global game servers.

When he's not working with backend tech systems or cloud services, Chong loves to kick back with 4X games like Civilization and X-Com. He's also a fan of science fiction works from Asimov and Heinlein.

Chong joined Singularity 6 because he wants to make games that show kids that the world is not zero-sum.



Carl Larsson - Senior Software Engineer

Carl Larsson is no stranger to startup life. After earning a degree in computer science at UC Berkeley, he became employee #1 at JustAnswer. Later, he was engineer #3 at Mixamo, an online animation startup that was later acquired by Adobe.

From there, it was on to a mobile gaming startup that got acquired by Zynga, and then to his own mobile gaming company, Tricky Token, which successfully launched a mobile strategy game.

In his new role here at Singularity 6, Carl is leveraging his startup veteran skills to bring our first game to life.


MEET THE SIXERS: Leo Ogawa Lillrank

Leo Ogawa Lillrank - 3D Artist

Leo is Singularity 6’s resident 3D artist. A big fan of games like Zelda and Okami, Leo studied animation and 3D art at CalArts. He has worked on bigger budget PlayStation games, as well as smaller indie and mobile games.

He’s worked in film, anime, and VFX in places as far-flung as Japan, Sweden, and the US. His deepest love is for the games industry though, at Singularity 6, he’s putting his skills to work to bring beautiful 3D art all the way through the art pipeline to the game engine.